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How do I confirm orders to Brandsdistribution?

As soon as an order is confirmed on the retailer’s website, a similar order with the same products is automatically sent by the BrandsSync application to Brandsdistribution.

In the dropshipment model, this order is invoiced to the retailer but will be delivered to the end customer’s address. As soon as the order is transferred, it will be present in the retailer’s account on Brandsdistribution with the status "Reserved"

The order will remain in this status until the retailer provides for payment of the amount due. As soon as the collection is received, the Brandsdistribution systems will change the status of the order to activate the logistics processes for the preparation and shipment of the package to the address indicated by the customer.

The order will be processed automatically without any manual need for money transfer if the retailer has activated the automatic debit with Vault with Paypal or has a previous claim against Brandsdistribution.

Check this video to learn how to confirm an order on Brandsdistribution

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