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How are prices handled? How do I manage my income?

Brandsdistribution allows retailers to buy products from the website at a price indicated as "cost" (net of VAT, shipping costs and customs charges/duties) expressed in EUR. This price may be changed for promotions and discount campaigns for limited periods of time at the discretion of and represents the cost incurred by the retailer to acquire the products to be resold. It represents the purchase price for the retailer, how much is paid to Brandsdistribution.

Brandsdistribution also provides two other valid prices to properly manage their sales: the list price (street price) which represents the Italian retail price in EURO including Italian VAT at 22% included usually made known by the original manufacturer of the product; the suggested price which represents the price in EURO with Italian VAT at 22% included which Brandsdistribution suggests as the selling price to its dealers from daily market surveys.

During the import phase, the retailer may decide to use one of these three prices as a basis for calculating the sales prices of products published on its website and consequently the gains compared to the purchase price (mark-up). 

To manage your earnings simply set the appropriate markup rules managed in the BrandsSync application. For a description of these functions, see the page of the Markup Rules manual

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