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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a sales model that allows an online retailer to sell the products of a supplier without having to buy them first simply by publishing them on their online store and assigning the delivery provider to the end customer.

The dropshipping offered by Brandsdistribution is a subscription service that allows all registered resellers to access the complete catalog of products and advertise them on their online store without the need to invest in the purchase of the product. The packaging processes and shipments to the final customer are the responsibility of Brandsdistribution.

In brief:

  • You import our online catalog to your e-shop
  • A customer makes and pays for an order on your e-shop
  • You send and pay for the order on Brandsdistribution only after having received payment of the order on your e-shop
  • Brandsdistribution sends the order to your customer for you
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